Paul & Julie Hofmann  (I… nobody is writing this for me) purchased Stewart Title of Kitsap County in February of 2015 and re-branded it as Attorney’s Title of Kitsap. The launch of the Attorney’s Title of Kitsap brand was an exciting new direction for what was a pretty ho-hum operation.  What existed prior as a direct operation of Stewart Title out of Houston Texas is now brought back to its roots.  Local!  Local decision making…local authority and local service.

Our staff are your neighbors, your friends, and true caring professionals with real local knowledge.  What does that mean to you?  We get the job done professionally with a smile. We are accessible (just stop by we are ALL here and would love to give you a tour or help you solve a problem).

After almost 20 years in the industry I knew I could do things better.  And by better I meant surround myself with the most talented, energetic and professional people I could.  Empower them to make decisions.  Use mistakes as coaching moments and as a way of teaching, not as a  time to discipline.  Therefore creating a positive and collaborative culture that espouses the following customer centric values:

  1. Say YES!  Lets make it work for everyone.
  2. Be progressive and embrace change for the better.
  3. Be adventurous, creative and open minded.
  4. Be honest and do it right the first time.
  5. Family first ALWAYS.
  6. Do more with less.
  7. Have fun and smile a lot.
  8. Be humble yet passionate and determined.

“A smile can prompt a smile, extend into a laugh, and bring happiness to an entire room.”  Richard Branson

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